Winkolekcja is a new department of Rolmex SA dealing with the import and distribution of quality wines.

Winkolekcja wines are carefully chosen. Each decision to include a new wine in our offer is preceded by a visit to the winery it comes from and a detailed survey of the production process. The selection procedure is completed by wine tasting in the circle of both professionals and lovers of this noble beverage. Our principle is to make sure that the wines which finally pass muster conform to high quality standards and satisfy the most discriminating palates. Price is an important consideration; however, we always seek to obtain a best value product. Winkolekcja offer ranges from connoisseur brands bought for special occasions to wines to be enjoyed every day at dinner or during a meeting with friends.

Cooperation with Italian and Israeli wineries gave rise to Winkolekcja. Currently it is being extended to include Portugal, French and Spanish ones.

A programme of trainings, enotourist trips and dinners with wine (Winkolacja) has also been worked out.

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